What God Does

God uses His Word to change us so that we will live with a passion for God and a heart for people and His Creation.

What God wants us to do

That we will acknowledge the unique needs of the Deaf and will empower them in life skills by means of the ministry of the Gospel, pastoral therapy and training. God also wants our congregations to help and become involved in a ministry for the Deaf.


What does D3 do?

D3 was established when Erik de Waal, after 15 years as a fulltime missionary in the ministry for the Deaf realized how imperative it was that a large number of Deaf in South Africa and other parts of the world, should be reached with the Gospel and also intensive trauma care. 

During 2008 D3 started to reach the Deaf through Clinical Pastoral Therapy (Counseling), as well as Christian evangelization.

These Deaf people are often those who have never gone to school, are illiterate and so they cannot read the Bible. It is Erik’s experience that many of these Deaf people have never heard the Gospel, or they have a distorted interpretation of it.

How do we achieve this?

D3 is a non-profitable organization and dependant on individual donations to reach these unreachable Deaf from our base in Gordons Bay. Outreaches take place for periods of 2 weeks, during every month of the year.

This process includes: locating Deaf people, personal visits, learning communication skills, building confidential relationships and the ultimate aim, a Pastoral caring ministry.

When the Deaf person feels ready for integration with other Deaf people in their vicinity or with a hearing Christian community, church, or organization, we help them with this empowerment.

Our highest aim is that Deaf people will come to know God and acquire spiritual maturity.